We are currently hosting Story Bank stories & resources on our blog. E-mail [email protected] to submit a story!

We are developing a Story Bank as a community-driven media channel and online space to:

  • Preserve our cultural heritage & share our experiences; we put valuables in banks, and stories are priceless
  • Open, honest & authentic story-telling promotes civic engagement and social justice in Indy for ALL residents
  • By the people for the people; we encourage conversation about issues relating to the Indianapolis community
  • Reliable media untouched by corporate greed and representing all the diverse voices of our diverse city!

How to Help! Writing Prompt:

Write us a story about your experiences with a social issue (e.g. poverty, homelessness, pollution) in your community, or if you don’t feel comfortable writing it but want your story to be heard, we can interview you and write your story with you! Please e-mail e-mail [email protected] with stories or interview suggestions!

Our Role:

– The collective reads your story together (to insure no community members are being misrepresented)

– We publish your story through the iamcoop.org/BLOG, and in the future through the Story Bank platform.

Holding a space in trust to preserve cultural heritage andfree speech, protected from corporate greed.

Please help us amplify the voices of our community that need it most!