JOIN IN: We’re passionate about connecting community members to making Indianapolis thrive. We welcome contributors with a passion for design, A/V, outreach, writing, web dev, & transparent accounting, and are open to ideas for new projects. Connect with us to learn more about how to get involved in iTooLL and our sharing community! Click on the roles below to learn more.

iTooLL Members can reserve tools, & borrow them at $1/ week. Members will have ultimate say on all decisions affecting the iTooLL program, and determine all future tool purches through our Cobudget process. You can see prices—and membership—here.

Any of the above sound fun? Contact us to join in!

Otherwise, you can also:

Besides becoming a member, donating funds and (barely) used tools [wishlist] to the library are the best ways to support iTooLL! Tool donations are accepted and processed during regular open hours and can result in membership discounts*. We also appreciate those who can make a one-time, monthly, or yearly monetary donation. Financial giving is tax-deductible and is accepted in-person, by check** or online.

* $500 of tools earns a free year of iTooLL Membership. $2,500 can earn you a lifetime membership. Valuation is at iAMCo-op’s discretion.
** Checks are made out to our fiscal agent, “Candlestick House & Engagement Center”

Tool-Donation Wishlist

We really appreciate folks who make their media & event tools accessible to the community! We accept donations of barely-used tools, including items in (but not limited to) this list, but only if they’re in good condition or better.

  • Monitor Speaker (or speaker that may be used as monitor)
  • Subwoofer (interoperable w/ our two interfaces, see our PA systems)
  • Presentation Clickers
  • Generator
  • Button Maker
  • Sewing machine
  • Carafes or Event- Liquid Dispensors
  • Canopies (must be of extremely good quality & condition )
  • Folding Chairs (Weather-proof)
  • Folding Tables (Weather-proof)
  • Digital Drawing Pads
    Tablets (est. 2012 or later)
  • Laptops (est. 2014 or later)
  • Point-and-Shoot Cameras (est. 2012 or later & 1,000 shutter clicks or less)
  • SD Cards (Class 6 or higher, preferrably UHS 1 +)
  • DJ Equipment (Turntables, etc.)
  • Wireless Mouses (Mice?)
  • Art Display Stands/ Eisels
  • Adapters, Converters, Power Cords (e.g. 1/4″ to 1/8″ adapter, etc.)
  • Mono to mono (extension) cords