#Tunes4Tools Great Success!

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Exciting news from the #Tunes4Tools this past Friday! Thanks SO much to everyone who participated; wonderful audience, incredibly talented musicians and artists, and all the supportive friends and community members who made it possible! From the show we surpassed our financial goal and, after expenses, raised over $1,700 towards the Tool Lending Library project. These funds are a great start to further establishing and increasing the sustainability of the lending library.

As we move on to the next phase of this venture, we want to secure the media tools most needed by the community; that means YOU! Fill out this quick SURVEY that will determine which tools we buy first.

If you took pictures at the Pics by Pixie’s Photo Booth, we’ll have them to you soon!
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Asset Sharing Infographic depicting how Indy art media co-op solves access gaps by tieing your community to allies with similar values through awareness learning sharing and collaboration.

IAMCoop solves access gaps by connecting communities to allies with similar values.

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