#Tunes4Tools Benefit :: Funding Indy’s 1st Tool Lending Library

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April 10th Benefit Poster featuring Sweet Poison Victim, S.M. Wolf, Shame Thugs, Caleb McCoach, Prowlers & The Prey, Food Not Bombs Presents a Fundraiser for a Tool Lending Library

Indy Art | Media Co-op exists to empower non-profits, socially-conscious organizations, social entrepreneurs, and artists to distribute creative content that promotes social awareness, education, and action through collaboration. Cultivating a socially-conscious community is one of our main objectives, and our strategic goal this year is to establish a Tool Lending Library for Indianapolis.

For organizers, social entrepreneurs, and artists alike, ease of access to quality resources can often dictate creative capacity, event effectiveness, and overall community impact. The purpose of the Tool Lending Library is eliminate any pre-existing resource access gaps and ensure that people from all racial, social, and economic backgrounds have equal access to the right tools. In effort to ensure that everyone’s voice can be heard, The Tool Lending Library would lend media production and event equipment including but not limited to:

  • Tableing at fairs (canopies, chairs…)
  • Recording events for distribution or web content (cameras, lighting, tripods…)
  • A/V equipment to enhance the quality of neighborhood events (projectors, PAs, microphones…)

Thanks to Matt Panfil for a gorgeous poster image and Ryan R. Berdel for the groovy typography, and thanks to Mat Davis of LocalMotion for MCing the event.


$8-13 Sliding Scale at the Door
Friday, April 10th, 7PM-2AM @ 2717 W. 10th St. (Slovenian National Home)

Free Food & Cash Bar