Tool Lending Library to Empower Your Work

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Have you ever scrambled to find last-minute supplies or tools for a project or event? Have you ever needed a projector screen and had to use a shower curtain instead? Have you ever used a bullhorn from [insert box store name here] instead of a proper PA? Have you thrown an event, and due to lack of resources, felt the … Read More

#UpReach: Effective Social Media Strategy Workshop

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Sky Blue Window has helped put together this free workshop focused on extending your reach through social media. We will teach both the basics and strategies to help you optimize your time using social media. There will also be opportunities for interactive group work and critiques so that you and your organization will be able to gain confidence for future … Read More

Ground Floor

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Just in case you missed it, here is video of the Building Media Alliances workshop last week with Tracy Rosenberg of It was an inspiring time in meeting with and receiving real life experience from many of community leaders from the city. In the coming months, Indy Art | Media CO-OP will continue to hold public meetings as we further … Read More