iTooLL Underway

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As many of you know, Indy Art | Media Co-op spent the majority of last year building the iTooLL (Indy Tool Lending Library) through planning, fundraising, relationship building, and being awarded the Indy 5×5 $10,000 grant in October. We can’t thank everyone enough for the overwhelming amount of support we have received for this project! It’s inspiring to see people promote our program’s motto that “Indianapolis art and culture should not be dictated by economic status.

Tabling at the Indiana Co-op Showcase in January.

Tabling at the Indiana Co-op Showcase in Jan.

Due to construction delays, we plan to make the library fully open to the public by late spring/ early summer (exact date still pending), with over 70 media tools in the library, which will be located at Switchboard in Fountain Square (735 Shelby St.). We’ll be posting our progress as we continue to build the library inventory and connect tools to community partners now through iTooLL memberships. Keep checking back for updates and opportunities to get involved.

Onwards and upwards for the peer-to-peer economy in Indianapolis!

p.s. you might be interested to take a peek at our finalized Membership Price Schedule:

Type Sub-Description $/Year Individual Memberships $250 ?

Other program details, like membership waivers and policies, can be found at