FilmHack: Connecting community, filmmakers, and video-curious creatives

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#FilmHack is creative space—every first Thursday—for community, filmmakers, and the video-curious to develop media skills, critical thinking, and connections.

Cultural production/ art is a primary engine for the development of well-being, resilience, and sustainability for the Indianapolis community. To achieve a flourishing creative economy, we need scene support across the mediums: film, music, design, fine art, hip hop, and all forms of craft. As artists and community members in this time of great ecological and political shift, we believe it’s imperative to collaborate and to value imagination, intuition, inclusion, diversity, emotional labour, and empathy. Through art and media we find it easier to grasp the complexity of “what is”, and to simplify it for our communities, so that we can act out of a sense of “we” before “I” through sharing. That’s why we’re iAMCo-op.

We, as a co-operative, serve you 
You, as a member, are the co-op.


Snacks and games* will always be available, but please feel free to Bring Your Own for yourself or to share! ♗ ☕ ?

*when there’s workshops, games will be in another room for those just keen to decompress, or to occupy any young people along for the ride. FilmHack is family friendly.

FilmHack is free, but energy and money does go into its production! Please contribute or become a member.

All iAMCo-op programs are 100% volunteer-run and member-driven; your contributions make the difference.

Get in touch if you’d like to explore more ways to support!