Dine-in Theatre! “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret”

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Please join us for a veg. pitch-in and free screening of Cowspiracy!

Released in 2014, Cowspiracy zeroes in on the local and global effect of animal agriculture. The film exposes the political power of animal agriculture, asks the tough questions of environmental organizations which are remaining silent, and discusses what sustainability really looks like, through the power of investigative journalism.
The topic may hit home with Hoosiers from Porter County, where residents have been battling the expansion of a 4,800-head pork confined animal feeding operation (CAFO) since early 2014. Residents raised major concerns about local air and groundwater quality being affected by the CAFO, and finally won their battle to prevent it in May 2015. Meanwhile, residents of DeKalb county have just begun debate over a 5,000-head cattle CAFO being proposed by Cardinal Dairies.
We hope you’ll join us for dinner and a movie! Contributing to the no-meat pitch-in is optional, but there will be plenty of food.
Doors are at 6:30pm, film at 7pm. Plenty of seating at the Indianapolis Worker Justice Center, 1734 W Washington St., and off-street parking just to the west of the building, around the corner (NW of Miley & Washington).