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Reportback: COALA at NYU

2-Day “Blockchain Workshop” Conference

Contributed by xander gieryn | @coopchange
In the spirit of FLOSS (Free/Libre/Open/Source/Systems), I would like to share a big write-up I just completed on blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin and perhaps a significant key towards decentralized governance & ownership.


You can edit, comment, and share my ~36 page document (hackpad) using this link; I will say that this document gives a somewhat high-level overview without getting too technically dense. If you’re more interested on getting a solid understanding ofhow blockchain technology works, you’d do better to look here, here, or (especially if you’re a musician) here first.


If you just want noteable quotes from the conference, see my Tweet Log here.

Neither of these are particularly comprehensive – but I do think the first linkgives a good picture of where the technology is at, what it could be used for, and some pros/cons/challenges. It’s honestly a really exciting space, and I hope to speak on this topic in the coming year through various forums.  

Feel free to contact me on twitter or by e-mail (xander at “”.org) with any questions.