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Summer Series: 3 Workshops #CoOpShop Building Human Relationships | Empowering Community Online | Connecting Shared Values 2D-draw Night + Instagram 101 Facilitators: @Dioooop,  @Theolicism, and @KathySipple (of CoThrive) When: Final Monday, June 29th // 6:30-8:30pm: Drawing // 7-8pm: Instagram 101 Where: Kheprw Institute Social :: Theon’s Indy renowned 2’s-D Drawing prompt. Hang-out, make art, share space. Instagram 101 :: Instagram … Read More

Dine-in Theatre! “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret”

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Please join us for a veg. pitch-in and free screening of Cowspiracy! Released in 2014, Cowspiracy zeroes in on the local and global effect of animal agriculture. The film exposes the political power of animal agriculture, asks the tough questions of environmental organizations which are remaining silent, and discusses what sustainability really looks like, through the power of investigative journalism. … Read More