Who We Are

Indy Art | Media Co-op is a nonprofit collective of creatives, makers, organizers, and aspiring professionals who focus their ideas, talents, and resources to encourage positive change. We exist to promote DIVERSITY through equity and collaboration; RECIPROCITY through self-mastery and mutual accountability; and ACCESS through openness and asset-sharing.

Our Purpose

We exist to promote economic sustainability and resiliency in Indy neighborhoods. We distribute tools of cultural production so that you can amplify your voice whether you’re a nonprofit, a social impact organization, an entrepreneur, or a tinkerer.

Get Involved

We are passionate about connecting community members to make Indianapolis thrive.  Are you interested in:  Promoting the arts?  Diversity?  Cultural programs?  Making friends?  We welcome those with a passion for design,  A/V,  outreach,  writing,  web dev,  & accounting,  and are open to ideas for new projects.  Or,  want to learn more about  co-owning and checking-out tools?

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to the tools of cultural production


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We’re 100% volunteer-run, and grateful for any financial or media/event tool donations.

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Learn more about iTooLL; you can co-own & check-out tools from the Lending Library.

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Friends + Collaborators

We greatly value the support of our partnering organizations and sponsors. Contact us about partnership opportunities for individuals and organizations.